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Improving access to safe surgery in Uganda

Improving Access - Safe Surgery - Uganda - News - MLM

MLM is currently building links with a hospital in Western Uganda. Through links with the medical charity Lifebox, whose aim is to improve the world’s access to safe surgery, MLM is using its engineering experience to review ways to improve power resilience and ultimately improve surgical and patient safety.

As engineers we can contribute in a number of ways to the developing world. Engineering expertise has made great strides towards clean water and sanitation. The world now also faces the next challenge in improving access to safe surgery and patient care.

Access to safe surgery and the importance of medical care is gaining global recognition as the next focus for development to help bring communities out of poverty.

What has been found in Uganda is that power may go out during critical surgical operations with significant impact on patient safety. Conscious that any intervention must be appropriate for the local situation, MLM has been working with the local hospital. So far a few head-torches have been provided to the surgeons helping in the event of power failure. More head-torches are needed and soon a new generator (to which we are investigating wider corporate sponsorship).

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