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MLM Foundation will be funding a pilot project for Ipswich Community Media

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The second of the three projects MLM Foundation will be supporting is Ipswich Community Media (ICM), who currently work with some of the hardest to reach young offenders and those of risk of offending in the Ipswich area.

The purpose of ICM is to create opportunities for young people who are currently in the criminal justice system and referred across by Suffolk Youth Offending Scheme (SYOS). This includes those who have been involved with gang related crime and violent behaviours that has spilled over into local communities.

The fund will go towards a special project that will provide support to young people NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training) offering media and music skills, enabling them to have alternative opportunities.

This project will work in partnership with SYOS from ICM’s base in Westgate Ward, Ipswich and across the town with some of the hardest to reach young offenders and those at risk of offending.

It will establish South Street Studios (SSS) as the focus for positive music, media, and creative arts activity. These sessions will include delivering broadcasting live radio and workshops, live recording sessions in the recording studio, with taster sessions around editing, recording and broadcasting, learning how to edit songs for public consumption and introducing them to state of the art lighting and sound systems at the Smokehouse.

ICM have secured funding from the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) in the past and are in the process of trying to re-fund the programme. The £4,000 provided by MLM Foundation will go towards the hiring of the studio and staffing costs to be able to support these young people to break away from criminal activity.

ICM comments:

“Whilst it is part of a larger project and only a percentage of the funding, the £4,000 will enable us to work one to one with an additional 8 young people over the year, it will also be a great supplement to the Making Waves 2 project. We have now fully funded the project, the Police and Crime Commissioner has also funded some of the costs so we can forge ahead now.”


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