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MLM Foundation will be funding a pilot project for Southampton Women’s Aid

Southampton Women's Aid

Following the launch of MLM Foundation on 1 October, MLM Group announced that they would be supporting three pilot projects.

The first of these projects is Southampton Women’s Aid (SWA), who currently work with adults experiencing Domestic Violence and Abuse (DVA) and substance misuse.

SWA’s purpose is to ensure women, young people and children are safe from abuse and the fear of abuse, to enable recovery, build resilience and achieve sustainable independence.

The fund will go towards supporting young people with experience of domestic violence and abuse, drinking or drug issues and/or poor mental health. As a pilot targeting young people with multiple needs, they hope to learn from this project and develop programmes and approaches that work for 16 – 19 year olds.

SWA work closely with local services and based on the outcomes of this initial project they seek longer-term funds to expand the work and also seek to integrate it into refreshed commissioning contracts in 2019.

Southampton Women’s Aid comment:

“We are extremely grateful for the grant awarded for our new pilot project to help improve the lives of young people with experience of domestic violence and abuse, drinking or drug issues and/or mental health issues.

“As these three factors often co-exist and increase both the risks of harm and the barriers to recovery, we seek to intervene as early as possible to raise the profile of these issues amongst young people and offer programmes of support. Your donation will help improve the lives of young people, enabling us to help them tackle the challenges they face. The demand for our services is ever rising and we can now continue to provide first class care for those in need.”

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