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Success as art show showcases region’s talent

Success As Art Show Showcases Regions Talent - News - MLM

Organisers of Suffolk art exhibition, From the Studio Floor, have hailed the show a success after hundreds of people came to view the work of 25 artists who live, work or derive inspiration from the region.

The gallery opened its doors for three days at Ipswich Town Hall this November, where the pop-up exhibition featured an eclectic mix of paintings, sculptures, light installations and drawings by the most promising art talent with a link to Suffolk. Each piece on display was unique to the show and had never been seen before, straight from the artists’ “studio floors”. For many of the artists it was the first time they had ever exhibited, while professionals were able to unveil new collections.

“With the help of our sponsors, MLM, and all of the artists involved, we have been able to showcase our region’s creativity,” commented Jessica Oliver, curator of From the Studio Floor. “The diverse range of artwork we had on display had one unifying element – talent -and I feel truly optimistic for the Suffolk art scene.”

Many of the artists have been so pleased with the positive feedback from visitors and buzz generated from the exhibition that they have been inspired to create new collections. Many sold their works during the show and others have benefitted by gaining commissions.

“Unseen artwork was enjoyed, critiqued and talked about in the positive way artists buried in the countryside always need. Not only were the artists pleased to be part of the show, but they were delighted to be given the opportunity to help raise awareness for the arts today in Ipswich. Hopefully together, through From the Studio Floor, we have been able to awaken a new vibrancy to the contemporary art scene in Suffolk.”

Art lovers and artists, schools and businesses from all corners of Suffolk and East Anglia were all among the visitors to the gallery, which saw over 350 people attend on its opening night alone. The exhibition raised over £1,000 for Children in Need after 15% of artwork sales were donated.

From the Studio Floor’s Suffolk gallery marks the second in a series of shows following its initial launch in London earlier this year. Due to the success of the exhibition, organisers have already expressed there will be many more of its kind to come locally and nationally.

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