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60 London Wall, London

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  • London
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  • Workplace & Commercial, Offices
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  • Buildings, Building Control, Fire Engineering
  • Architect
  • EPR Architects

60 London Wall is a mixed use commercial development in the City of London. The multi-storey building is being refurbished to provide grade A office accommodation with retail on the ground floor. The building comprises of a basement level, ground floor (with office reception, office and retail), with offices occupying the entirety of the upper floor levels. A key architectural feature of the building is the large central atrium that connects all floors, the base for which is on the ground floor level.

Value fire engineering included:

  • Omit fire resisting construction to the atrium balconies by installing fire curtains.
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling was undertaken to demonstrate the hybrid basement smoke clearance system did not recirculate back into the building via the air intake shafts due to close location of the smoke extract and inlet points.
  • The atrium is provided with a mechanical ventilation system. With regards to smoke clearance, under the recommendations of BS 9999 an atrium exceeding 30m in height should be provided with a mechanical smoke ventilation system capable of achieving 6 air changes per hour when a sprinkler system is provided. However, as part of the fire strategy to the building a hybrid system was agreed with the approving authorities. The system in the main was a natural smoke clearance system operate via a manual switch, with vents equal to 10% of the base of the atrium. In order to induce air flow up and out of the atrium vent and to avoid a stagnant smoke layer, the mechanical ventilation system (which shuts down after the fire alarm system has been activated) was also provided with a manual switch, housed within the fire control centre, to operate by the fire brigade upon arrival.
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