Bridge Demolition - Projects - MLM
Bridge Demolition - Projects - MLM

Bridge Demolition, M3

Project Information
  • Location
  • Woodlands Lane
  • Sector
  • Bridges
  • Services
  • Infrastructure, Civil Engineering

MLM were appointed to assess the options of demolishing the overbridge at Woodlands Lane. We concluded that explosive demolition was the only method which was viable. We then assessed the bridge failure mode and designed the temporary works to protect the M3 motorway surfacing. The design for the proposed replacement structure anticipated reusing the existing central pier for the new structure, however MLM reviewed available historical drawings and determined that the pier foundations were substandard. As a result, the client changed the approach to the demolition and decided to demolish all supporting elements of the bridge.

MLM was commended for identifying deficient elements at an early stage, which contributed to significant savings in the long term. In collaboration with the demolition and main contractors, MLM assessed the strength of the columns and designed pre-weakening works to be undertaken prior to the possession for the explosive charge installation.

Key Features

  • Time constraints – 54 hour motorway possession.
  • Explosive demolition.
  • Analysis of bridge deck failure mode during demolition.
  • Structural assessment of bridge foundation for reuse.
  • Design of pre-weakening works to the bridge columns prior to demolition without compromising impact resistance.
  • Watch the video of the bridge demolition
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