Forbury Place, Reading - Projects - MLM
Forbury Place, Reading - Projects - MLM
Forbury Place, Reading - Projects - MLM

Temporary Works Co-ordination – Forbury Place, Reading

Project Information
  • Location
  • Reading
  • Sector
  • Workplace & Commercial, Offices
  • Services
  • Infrastructure, Temporary Works Design, Civil Engineering
  • Value
  • £30m
  • Architect
  • Aukett Fitzroy Robinson

The project comprises the construction of two 8 storey commercial buildings on a prominent site immediately adjacent to the main line railway. Works included the demolition of an existing concrete framed building, piling, erection of tower cranes, use of mobile cranes and mast climbers for the external façade construction. The project was constructed in two phases, with the first phase including demolition, basement construction for both buildings and construction of the first building.

Network Rail’s engineer was particularly concerned about the works due to its proximity to Reading Station and the main line, together with their recent experience on this line where a tower crane on a third party site collapsed onto the railway. As a result, he was especially thorough and particular in his review of documents submitted in order to minimise risk to the railway.

Key Features

  • Personal relationship with Network Rail’s engineer built trust in our work and approach.
  • Working closely with sub-contractors to ensure they understood the specific requirements of the site. This aspect was challenging as some suppliers were reluctant to provide the information needed, but was critical to success to avoid the delays from rejection and the potential knock-on effect of the loss of goodwill of the checking engineer.
  • Thorough review and check of documents prior to submission to make approval simple for Network Rail.
  • First time approvals achieved.
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