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Innovation and Research Centre, Brasilia

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A new Innovation Centre has been proposed within the Brasilia University Campus. The new development will contain four buildings. The main purpose of the buildings is to provide space for offices, education and events.

The challenge of the proposed development was to design a climate responsive building in a hot and dry climate. Therefore, a combination of strategies have been adopted during the design stage.

One of the strategies proposed was night purge ventilation through the secondary roof and exposed ground floor. The secondary roof overhang prevents the building from receiving peak direct solar radiation by overshadowing the façade whilst promoting good levels of internal daylighting throughout. The external translucent panels play an important role in preventing direct and indirect solar radiation and glare.

The internal comfort has been assessed through the building fabric specification in order to assess internal temperature stability and daylighting distribution.

The most feasible renewable energy technologies are solar hot water and photovoltaic panels providing the solar energy available.

An acoustic overview on the auditorium set out the room acoustic design strategy and provided guidance with regard to selection and distribution of reflective and absorptive materials.

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