Lodge Park Business Centre, Colchester, Essex - Projects - MLM
Lodge Park Business Centre, Colchester, Essex - Projects - MLM

Lodge Park Business Centre, Colchester, Essex

Project Information
  • Location
  • Colchester
  • Sector
  • Workplace & Commercial, Offices
  • Services
  • Environment, Biodiversity & Ecology
  • Architect
  • Esposito Architecture Limited

MLM was commissioned by Martin Robeson Planning Practice to produce an Ecological Impact Assessment for a proposed commercial development at Lodge Park Business Centre (East). The project will comprise the clearance of semi-improved grassland and the construction of two commercial office buildings, associated car parking and soft landscaping. MLM worked with the project to maximise benefits to wildlife from the scheme, including wildlife-friendly planting and retention of mature trees in a picturesque parkland setting.

Key Features

  • Providing detailed mapping of habitats and identification of important ecological features on site, including grassland, broadleaved woodland and species-rich hedgerow habitats on site.
  • Highlighting suitability for species such as great crested newts (GCN), roosting bats, hedgehogs and nesting birds on site.
  • Carrying out eDNA analysis of water samples taken during the first GCN survey visit, helped us determine the likely absence of GCN earlier in the season. This eliminated the need to continue with further survey visits, saving the client both time and money.
  • To verify the suitability of potential roost features for bats within a tree on site, an endoscope inspection under licence was undertaken. Closer inspection revealed that the tree was not used by roosting bats, which meant the client could remove the tree without any further expense or delay.
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