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  • Brasilia, Brazil
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  • Workplace & Commercial, Offices
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  • Buildings, Sustainability Consultancy

The bioclimatic study is an early stage holistic approach which informs the design team on the specifications for later design stages. The work, in conjunction with the design team, improves the coordination between the aesthetic elements and technical requirements. This contributes towards better building performance and assists with environment assessment certifications such as BREEAM and LEED.

The office development in Brasilia had an initial study with the aid of a bioclimatic simulation in order to optimise the building orientation in relation to its surroundings. The local climate conditions with regards to the temperature, humidity, wind direction and sun position through the year were fundamental aspects for the analysis.

This study helped the design team to develop the shadowing design in conjunction with daylighting studies, building fabric specification and combination of photovoltaic panels on the roof. The potential for natural ventilation and free cooling strategies was also considered by the study.

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