River Wall Condition Survey - Projects - MLM
River Wall Condition Survey - Projects - MLM
River Wall Condition Survey - Projects - MLM

River Wall Condition Survey, Deanston Wharf, Silvertown

Project Information
  • Location
  • Silvertown
  • Sector
  • Ports & Harbours / River & Marine
  • Services
  • Infrastructure, Civil Engineering, River & Marine Engineering

MLM undertook a pre-purchase non-intrusive structural condition survey of a steel sheet piled river wall fronting onto the River Thames at Silvertown. The inspection also included an inspection of a pedestrian footbridge and concrete jetty located in front of the wall. The wall was found to be in varying states of repair. The report discussed the condition of the wall and jetty and made recommendations suggesting remedial measures for the wall in relation to the proposed development of the site for residential purposes. The jetty was redundant and as such recommendations for the demolition of the jetty were provided.

Key Features

  • Difficult Access – tidal river and soft mud.
  • No record drawings available.
  • Use of judgement to determine construction forms and stability.
  • Cost estimate for jetty demolition developed in collaboration with a demolition contractor.
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