Shingle Bay, Hythe, Kent - Projects - MLM
Shingle Bay, Hythe, Kent - Projects - MLM

Shingle Bay, Hythe, Kent

Project Information
  • Location
  • Hythe
  • Sector
  • Housing, Private Development
  • Services
  • Buildings, Building Structural Engineering, Geo-environmental Site Investigation
  • Architect
  • Guy Hollaway Architects

Situated on the shingle beach on the corner of St Leonards Road and West Parade, next to Grade II listed fishmongers, this development features 6 unique and contemporary apartments including 2 stunning split level penthouses which all have uninterrupted views of the shore line. The contemporary residential development was designed to deliver a striking amalgamation of the varied architecture in the local area, and boasts an intricate design development.

Comprising of a wealth of different structural elements, this project presented a welcome challenge for our Engineers. The structure comprised several different materials in construction and careful coordination with the architect was required to achieve the vision for the building. In particular, was the floating ‘picture frame’ effect around the cantilevering terrace had to have a uniform thickness. A series of steel frames discreetly placed within the loadbearing wall lines allowed the team to achieve this stunning feature.

The rear of the building comprised a more traditional load bearing masonry and precast concrete plank arrangement with an inset lightweight timber frame to finish of the final level. The building features a basement car park which required a Highway AIP due its proximity to the carriageway, which our engineers saw through inception to completion as well as providing the checking service required by KCC.

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