Sir Harry Smith Community College - Projects - MLM

Sir Harry Smith Community College

Project Information
  • Location
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Sector
  • Education, Colleges
  • Services
  • Buildings
  • Value
  • £6m
  • Architect
  • RH Architects

This project comprised the refurbishment and extension of the existing school to accommodate the new teaching curriculum and is funded through the Cambridgeshire BSF follow on schemes. The MEP strategy focused on upgrading the building to meet Part L 2010 regulations, whilst considering the cost constraints for each defined area of Remodel, Refurbish and Light Touch. Overheating and ventilation schemes were modelled in IES to establish and determine the best solution for the school without having to undertake extensive building modifications to the existing façade.

LZC technology was achieved through the introduction of photo-voltaics and was designed to meet the onsite renewable criteria. The location of this equipment and the new services were determined through a detailed on site survey which identified routes, zoning and co-ordination with the existing structure whilst considering the continual operation of the school during the construction period.

Key Features

  • Refurbishment established through three criteria; Light, Refurbish and Remodel
  • Energy review incorporated LZC via PV’s, boiler upgrade, automatic lighting and controls, daylighting, increase roof insulation
  • All works undertaken whilst the school in operation
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