Daylighting Assessment

Optimise building orientation to promote health and wellbeing for building users.

The approach to the initial design is to optimise the building orientation in relation to the site latitude, overshadowing from adjacent buildings and climatic conditions in relation to the annual temperature, humidity and prevailing winds. These studies assist the design team to deliver climatic response to building design through environmental design strategies.

This stage in the design process also helps to inform any decision to progress a green building certification system, and allow an early stage assessment or pre-assessment to be carried out, so that the client and team can consider whether or not to progress a formal green building certification system. It assesses the daylighting distribution on the occupied areas of a building according to its geometry/orientation and internal finishes.

We carry out compliance with the following:

  • Daylight and sunlight for planning according to BRE
  • Daylighting for BREEAM
  • Daylight study for Code for Sustainable Homes and Home Quality Mark
  • Daylight autonomy and illuminance calculation for LEED v4
  • Visual daylight design, daylight modelling for WELL
Key Contacts:
MLM - Directors - Matt Sealby
Matt Sealby
Director - Building Services
MLM - Directors - Chris Neeves
Chris Neeves
BEng(Hons) CEng MCIBSE
Director - Building Services and Sustainability