Air Quality, Odour & Dust Management

A range of air quality and dust monitoring services, covering all stages of project development and operational compliance.

Clean air protects our health and wellbeing and it has become an area of increased regulatory scrutiny.

We offer a full range of services from basic screening to detailed modelling and evaluation. Our technical specialists provide advice and consultancy services on air quality assessments, dust and odour monitoring, planning requirements, EIA and environmental permitting.

We carry out full due diligence and constraints assessment, air quality impact assessments, the development of Construction Environmental Management Plans (EMPS) and Dust Management Plans (DMPs).

Other assessment methods include BREEAM, ambient air quality monitoring and bio-assessments. We also offer support for public inquiries, planning appeals and legal cases and preparation of expert evidence.

Key Contacts:
MLM - Directors - Darren Gill
Darren Gill
BSc(Hons) MSc CGeol FGS EurGeol
Head of Environment