Contaminated Land Consultancy

We understand the risks caused by the legacy of historic contamination and have the experience to bring challenging sites back into productive use.

Contaminated land can cause pollution of groundwater, surface water and the environment, as well as affecting human health. At MLM, we have the expertise to undertake appropriate investigation and assessment of brownfield sites such as former gasworks, chemical works and other industrial sites which often have complex soil, gas and groundwater contamination conditions. We have an in-depth understanding of the regulatory framework and experience of working with developers, principal contractors, engineering consultants, regulators and other stakeholders to achieve appropriate solutions, meet deadlines and minimise delays.

Our dedicated team will be involved from inception, providing Phase 1 desk studies, designing appropriate Phase 2 site investigations and monitoring programmes, undertaking risk assessments and developing a robust conceptual site model to inform remediation. Work may be required to clear planning conditions and enable future development, understand risks and liability for site divestment or where a site has been determined under Part 2a of the Environmental Protection Act. Our experts have also been called upon to provide expert advice for legal claims in relation to significant pollution incidents and to provide environmental due diligence.

Key Contacts:
MLM - Directors - Darren Gill
Darren Gill
BSc(Hons) MSc CGeol FGS EurGeol
Head of Environment
MLM - Directors - Jason Monk
Jason Monk
BSc(Hons) CGeol FGS Network Rail PTS
Director - Environmental