Remediation Strategy & Verification

Providing pragmatic solutions to unlock development potential and supporting the regeneration of brownfield sites.

Services - Environment - Remediation Strategy - MLM

Companies with contaminated sites face significant regulatory, financial and reputational risks. Successfully managing this liability and developing a regulatory position for these sites so that they can be put to more productive use (or divested) is a core area of our expertise.

Contaminated land, brownfield sites and reclamation/regeneration schemes are often complex requiring a coordinated approach to due diligence, feasibility, planning support and regulatory approvals. At MLM, we have an extensive understanding and experience of these issues from site developer, funder and end-user perspectives and can develop solutions to enable their objectives.

Whether it involves long-term monitoring or active remediation, the clean-up and management of contaminated sites can be complex and costly. MLM has a reputation for deliverable solutions focussed on the end use.

Key Contacts:
MLM - Directors - Darren Gill
Darren Gill
BSc(Hons) MSc CGeol FGS EurGeol

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