Waste Management

We provide construction waste management plans through to the specifics of landfill design and energy from waste projects.

Our technical specialists have designed a range of complex processing facilities including industrial scale composting, household waste recycling centres, material recovery facilities and treatment plant, as well as landfill development and permitting.

We can assist with accurate classification of waste soils in accordance with WM3 and offer solutions to reduce the volume of waste destined for landfill. We provide expert advice on the potential reuse of waste soils, under the CL:AIRE  Definition of Waste Development Industry Code of Practice, diverting waste soils from landfill and providing significant cost savings to clients. We have qualified CL:AIRE registered professionals who can prepare and sign declarations for Materials Management Plans and prepare site waste management plans to support planning applications.

Key Contacts:
MLM - Directors - Darren Gill
Darren Gill
BSc(Hons) MSc CGeol FGS EurGeol
Head of Environment
MLM - Directors - Jason Monk
Jason Monk
BSc(Hons) CGeol FGS Network Rail PTS
Director - Environmental